It’s Time To Switch From Magento 1 To Magento 2

It’s been over 2.5 years since eBay and Magento split. Immediately after the split up, Magento published a newer edition of the stage. As often happens, the crisis attracts the best out of the individuals. As Magento was about to be sold out the teams had to think beyond the box. They had to bring in fresh ideas whilst the defenses lifted off provided with the eBay.

Here are a few of the very best options of Magento two. X:

A) Magento 2 – For Tomorrow:

If you are managing your web store on Magento 1.x platform, then there are certain performance issues you have to be facing. It is possible to manage Issues such as page load period, security fixes, image optimization and heavy JavaScripts with magento 2 extension free more efficiently.

magento 2 extensions free download:

Third party modules onto the host

Using magento 2 extensions free, store owners do not need to set up third-party modules on the server.

Using magento 2 free extensions, store owners can increase the site rate as it supports the latest edition of PHP. And they already have security fixes.

With Magento 1.x, you’re looking for in order to maximize the graphics manually. But, Magento 2.x has inbuilt features to manage image optimization without any external support. A critical advancement for UX could be the bundled JavaScript. It makes sure that the developers do not require to undergo dull and unnecessary browser surgeries for the exact same.

B) Search Engine Friendly and Better for Security:

With respect to these two critical back end requirements, Magento 2.x is far ahead in comparison with that of Magento 1.x. The hashing algorithms to get passwords protect the website in an efficient manner. The in built rich snippets for the category pages helps improve the overall page optimization process.

C) An All-New Admin Panel:

Improved processes for Information Search, Overall Store Management, and Navigation across the Admin Panel

Easier flow for Products Upload and combined with Images & Text, you can now upload videos too.

The Magento 2.x Dashboard displays top & least hunted items, recent orders, average order amount, top selling services and products, premium customers, services and products you want to ship & overall volume, taxation data, etc..

Magento 2.x has the capacity to assist you expand the horizons of your organization and helps you so which you can manage your store at the very best of one’s abilities. It’s a fresh Admin Panel Design which offers an interface for your site. It’s possible to make use of the newly introduced Visual Design Editor and place the blocks and containers onto your own website without having any technical know how.

Enhanced Scalability

Magento 2.x comes with enhanced indexes having efficient updates. It improves the performance of your website by accelerating the query rate. magento 2 extensions free download Magento 2.x and Varnish Cache are all integrated, which means you can reduce the server load and accelerate the page loading time. The Admin users can also create and edit services and products without fretting about some other data conflicts.

Better Conversions

With Magento 2.x, the buyers are sure to have a great e-shop experience. The e-store proprietors may display their products with description, images, and videos. Additionally, as the website is reactive, they can browse it from some other apparatus including smartphone, tablet, or PC. This aids in boosting the conversion rates up to a terrific extent.

Easy and Affordable Upgrades

Magento 2.x has upgraded details regarding upgrade compatibility and versioning policies. Therefore aside in advancing the fundamental Magento software, the installation and upgradation of Magento 2.X is more straightforward when compared to Magento 2.x. The export/import functionality of Magento 2.x enables one to export customer data, records in addition to inventory data and import them to Magento 2.x.

Migration from Magento 1.x into Magento 2.x is almost always a good decision to make because it supplies better ROIs for businessmen. And just so that you understand, Magento will encourage M1 only until November 2018. Thereafter, you may rarely receive any upgrades from M1 in functionalities or features.